Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks Everyone!

This Rabid Fanboy would like to give thanks for everything and to everyone this holiday season.

Especially, Dear Leader, both real and imaginary, for the love and encouragement;

Designer Tina Chen (I loved your work in Alice’s Restaurant and Hawaii Five-O );

Grunts Dante Araujo and Tom Pimental for putting this together seamlessly (BTW, Brinke and I need to know why we’re having nervous breakdowns trying to embed video in our postings, I’ve tried putting little marshmallows and a cinnamon stick in my rum-soaked hot cocoa, it seems to calm me down a bit but I’m nowhere near solving my dilemma, will acid give me a new perspective or maybe I should switch to ecstasy?);

All the other commenters and contributors, including faddah, name and the haiku writer and the rest, who turned blog commenting from a mere national pasttime into a full head-on contact sport. Keep this up, and we may receive recognition as a competitive event from IOCC. Fingers crossed.

My Fair Lady, for sticking by me when the other one bolted lasted year. (We need to get a new other one in our Christmas stocking this year sweety, preferably more “bosomy”, ‘kay?);

And the Universe for astounding me each and every day when I think it all can’t get more fucked up that it is – then – BOOM! – there it is – another Gordian knot to solve – thanks for never being boring.

For all those people girding their loins for Black Friday, a little reminder of what the holiday season is all about from our now ancient but beloved friend in Santa Cruz, CA.

We raise a Jello-shot in your honor, sir!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Learning From Past Mistakes

Interesting Op-Ed from NYT here. At this time, we near the holiday where we count our blessings, give reasons to be thankful, then commence slaughter of fifty million sentient creatures as a sacrificial symbol of said blessings, we ought to think also of those who aren’t with us now and may never be with us again, because some people can’t decide whether to shit or get off the pot, or make a terrible decision that costs billions of dollars and thousands, maybe millions of lives, because something that seems commonsensical to most people, wouldn’t be politically expedient.