Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where’s my pancakes?: Best alibi of 2009

Read it here. The first time a Facebook status was used successfully as a defense for getting a client off. The Feds and other law enforcement agencies are getting into all our social networks, looking for criminal activity, so be wary what you say, who you befriend and mind your slang. Hell, Google lets me know about my activity at three different i.p. locations and I’m damn sure if they don’t share that with advertisers or the government, someone unsavory will break in and discover it anyway. Yep, I may hafta’ resign from the internet, folks.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Socially speaking, Big G’s up to something

Google is going to roll out some type of new social media deal on Tuesday, that will integrate with “at least two existing Google products,” says TechCrunch. Google hasn’t become a monster in this field (can you say Orkut) as they have in others, so who knows? WSJ.com says Google is “taking a swipe at Facebook.” That’s all I could find there ’cause otherwise I’d have to <ahem> pay for a subscription, and that’s simply not going to happen. Why? One search, and I get a ton of hits. ¬†Looks like Gmail is the key to this one. The big reveal happens at 10am PT on Tuesday. Update: More quality info here. ¬†The author mentions the first thing I thought of when I saw the story- Google should just buy Twitter. What’s a couple of billion? Game over.