Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conflicting WozTales

My own RDF? Don't be silly, btw, I'm not really here ...

People have been submitting online to every tech blog (except THIS one) conflicting stories about the Woz sighting on iPad Day. CNET reports on one sort of confused testimony of a FreeBSD developer here, there’s the breathless report of San Jose Mercury News, and other testimony from Tweeters and blogjobbers. The main contention being, Did Woz cut  in line or camp all night and wait with everyone else? Was he even there? Was it all a group hallucination?  Could Woz have hacked an RDF of his own to confuse people for his own amusement? Anything is possible with that oversized hobbit on elevated wheels.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RDF in media hypnotizing the masses

For instance. Take USA Today – you can find a free copy in almost any hotel lobby – the dang thing was practically free before online media, yet, it makes money, how ’bout that? – massive front page story on how it’s app world now – fave quote from one user:

“My husband is jealous of my iPhone,” says Place, 58, an educational software writer from Phoenix. “I try hard not to use it in bed.”

Has someone figured out how to make the iPhone vibrate, after all? Developers, gosh bless ’em all, are focusing totally on the iPhone and iPad format instead of developing or porting their apps to other mobile OSes like RIM Blackberry, WebOs or Symbian or Windows Mobile or even the baby pachyderm known as Android. Why waste time and resources on the smaller or even dwindling or dead on arrival mobile OSes, right? Some developers are going “pirate” and are going to charge double for iPad version of their already established iPhone apps, to see if public will pay more. Apple stockholders, hold on to your hats, the stock is about to rocket past three hundred, baby!