Friday, December 14, 2007

New element in the sidebar — links to book reviews

Someone pointed out something weird to me today. This person, who shall remain nameless, said that she thought the review excerpts that I’d put in my sidebar (to the right) were fake. I was stunned at first but then I thought, Well, who can blame her? This is, after all, a fake blog. The mother of all fake blogs, in fact. ‘

This woman said she didn’t mean to sound rude but the excerpts seemed so positive and so over-the-top that she just assumed they must be fake. Can you imagine getting such great reviews that people think they’re fake? Amazing.

Anyway, I told my new friend that in fact these were actual excerpts from actual reviews and she was like, Dude you should totally post links to the full reviews so people can see them because otherwise people are totally going to just think that’s another joke you’re pulling on the blog.

So, Apple faithful, I have posted a new element in the sidebar, just below the book review excerpts. It’s a list of links that pull you to the original glowing reviews.

Also, just to reiterate: My book, which is called “Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs,” is not a compilation of blog posts. It’s new material that didn’t appear on the blog — a bona fide novel that tells the story of six difficult months in the life of Dear Leader.

As Wired put it (see here), “this over-the-top send-up of Valley excess isn’t a best-of anthology. It’s a surprisingly cohesive narrative that follows Apple’s real-life SEC troubles.” Or as Valleywag put it, “Options, the parody Steve Jobs novel, has totally surprised those of us who expected a throwaway. It’s 248 mostly hilarious pages, with a tight story line and a protagonist who evolves credibly.”

It’s also only fifteen bucks on Amazon. That’s only six cents per page, people. And while some of those pages might be ones where you just read through and don’t burst out laughing, I can pretty much guarantee there are not any pages where you’ll say, You know what? I want my six cents back.

Anyway, to the doubters, let me reiterate: I’m not making this up. There really is a book, and it really will blow your mind and crack you up and restore a sense of childlike wonder to your lives. Buying a copy is as easy as clicking a button right over there in the sidebar.

For those of you who have been writing in asking for an audiobook, I regret to say that there is no audiobook available at this time. But I’ll get working on it, I promise. Meanwhile my content can only be consumed the old-fashioned way. Peace to all. Happy holidays. Stop the war.