Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Screen Of Death NOT Microsoft’s fault

Oh good. But if you used a Mac or installed a Linux distro , like Ubuntu, on your PC, you wouldn’t be having this problem, would you? So using Microsoft is a fail-fail situation, no matter how you slice that fish.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Google and Microsoft should join forces this one time

This is the big story that have some media reporters and techies in a classic knicker twist.  This where Ballmer should open his eyes, use some of that Microsoft clout that is left and call Schmidt and tell him, “Are we gonna’ let this Aussie play fucktard with us? Let’s conference call this and tell him either of us are not going to include search content from any of his media properties online, and that includes Yahoo!, too now, so you’re royally fucked, Kiwi!!” After Christmas holidays, they call him back and ask how his holidays were, and how much ad revenue went south? Then both Ballmer and Schmidt name their own price, and have all those piss-ant media shits groveling.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Commentards pile up on SJVN

SJVN posts about how Chrome OS will supplant Windows among the Joe Consumer crowd; the commentards (read Microsoft and Apple fan boys) pile up on him like a sandlot team. But SJVN is right. Chrome OS devices will succeed where other Linuxes failed because they will be appealing to the average consumer the way Microsoft once did. They don’t have to be perfect and the price is right. They’ll just works and that’s good enough. Look at the goddam Flip camera, fer chrissakes! The damn things are flying off shelves like free crack at a rehab palace. And they’re getting better. The supercheap HD versions make my old $599 handheld video camera

look like crap – which it is, come to think of it. Windows in some form will survive but only to support resource hogs like AutoCAD and Photoshop. In fact,  eventually, Microsoft will have to build its own machines to run Windows, ‘cos nobody will buy Windows to just run the internet from your device anymore. Soon after this comes to pass, someone will eventually kill Ballmer, and scream, “WAKE UP, PEOPLE!” to the employees, and come up with a version of Internet Explorer that runs like Chrome OS. By that time, it will probably be too late for Microsoft, it will move into another business or will implode upon itself. But don’t weep ‘softie fans – something more stupid, more evil and more single-minded

will rise from the ashes – it happened to AT&T didn’t it?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ballmer Wants back Market Share from Apple

Ballmer on the hot seat at shareholders meeting.

Where were the pitchforks? The torches? A wooden rail?