Monday, December 17, 2007

El Fakeso is #11 on Forbes fictional rich list

See here. Yours truly, Fake Steve, ranks #11 among the wealthiest fictional characters, right behind Bruce Wayne, Thurston Howell III and Tony Stark, but ahead of Gomez Addams, Willy Wonka, Lucius Malfoy and Princess Peach. Personally I really don’t care for these lists but I must admit it did give me great pleasure to kick Willy Wonka’s sorry ass. I friggin hate that goddamn queen. Always have. And watch out, #1 rated Scrooge McDuck! I’m gunning for you. And my contract is up for renegotiation soon. Much love to Dafyd. (Illustration by Mikolaj “Maximum Mik” Kamler.)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I swear my Gulfstream mechanic is ripping me off

Never trust a Slovak is what I’ve been told and after dealing with Misho Knedlik (above) I’m starting to believe it. Every time I take it in for a routine oil change the guy tells me he’s found something else that I need. New tires, a tuneup. This time it was new brakes plus he charged me for bleeding the lines and putting in new brake fluid. Plus it came out of the shop with this scratch on the nose (see above) that I swear wasn’t there went it went in. Misho swears he didn’t do it.

I told Larry about this and he says no way this thing has gone through brakes in the number of hours it’s flown. He wants me to start going to his mechanic. But his guy is not an authorized Gulfstream shop so if I go to him I’ll void my warranty. So whatever I save on repairs I’ll end up losing in terms of the warranty value. I’ll tell you what, it’s no fun owning one of these things. They get you coming and going, they really do.