Monday, January 25, 2010

Nice fake ad

MP iSlate review, embargoed ’til January 28

So let’s watch it now, shall we?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flurry picks up on possible iSlate testing

MobileCrunch reports that Flurry, a mobile app analytics company, has ID’d 50 devices in Cupertino that match the DNA of the alleged iSlate. They’re also running on OS 3.2, not out. Yet.

“The most important thing I’ve ever done”

TechCrunch and others are running this quote, straight from Dear Leader himself. We think. PS- snagged this image from this website. Mouse over the image, and you’ll see they originally named it “appleguy415.” Appleguy415!  Um, quick FYI to Mark Prigg of the London Sunday Evening Times– his name is Steve Jobs and he invented the friggin’ iSlate.  Have you heard of it?

El Jobso previews the iSlate

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gruber says “Canvas”

Who are we to argue?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Apple tablet details leaked

Blodget has the story here, which he glommed from (He must pay to see the rest of the article- as if.)  Key concept:

Apple wants to “reshape businesses like textbooks, newspapers and television much the way his iPod revamped the music industry—and expand Apple’s influence and revenue as a content middleman.”

Read all about it.  Less than one week to go.

Forbes editor forecasts iSlate doom

The article says that there are 5 big ways that Apple can drop the ball on this.  Also:

Apple, and Jobs, have failed before. They will fail again. They probably won’t fail Wednesday. If they do, however, here’s how it will happen.

Brian Caulfield is the Silicon Valley editor for Forbes.  He should know better. Apple never fails.  Ever.  We may fail as consumers, but Apple never fails.  El Jobso would not permit it, therefore it cannot occur. Ergo, to wit, and ipso facto.

BTW Brian, you speak of the Newton and one of “its biggest flows.”  I think you meant “flaws.”  Try Spell Check…have you heard of it?

So, is it the iPad or what?

Valleywag says that’s a serious possibility.  One problem, though.  Fujitsu.  

iSlate may not ship until June

Some pesky issues regarding battery life and durability, mwah mwah mwah, could delay actual shipping until June, according to this report.