Monday, April 5, 2010

GrooveMaster on the iPad

GrooveMaker makes the transition from iPhone to iPad. This is going to be one of the top apps among young adult users of the iPad. I’m almost sure Apple Girl will upgrade to the iPad especially to use this app.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Look for Hulu, Netflix Apps on iPad

Hulu will have a subscription service and work on HTML 5. Netflix app is officially approved and be in the App store April 3rd. Awesome cubed times infinity plus one. Ah, you’ve guessed what I wanna’ an iPad for, Not games (though games look cool). I like tunes, books and movies.

How I'll roll with iPad

If I surf the web and read e-mail, that’s fine. I tried doing Rabid Fanboy column on the Verizon demo back in December but I found it frustrating.

Doing it old school

I ‘ll probably spring for the keypad. Hey, I used a keypad on my old Palm IIIxe, it folded up, was portable, went everywhere,  worked like a trooper. Crap, I wish I still had it. I broke the screen, sat on it – too hard!