Thursday, April 1, 2010

Look for Hulu, Netflix Apps on iPad

Hulu will have a subscription service and work on HTML 5. Netflix app is officially approved and be in the App store April 3rd. Awesome cubed times infinity plus one. Ah, you’ve guessed what I wanna’ an iPad for, Not games (though games look cool). I like tunes, books and movies.

How I'll roll with iPad

If I surf the web and read e-mail, that’s fine. I tried doing Rabid Fanboy column on the Verizon demo back in December but I found it frustrating.

Doing it old school

I ‘ll probably spring for the keypad. Hey, I used a keypad on my old Palm IIIxe, it folded up, was portable, went everywhere,  worked like a trooper. Crap, I wish I still had it. I broke the screen, sat on it – too hard!