Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great way to have fun in any PC dealer’s showroom

Some guy at InformationWeek describes a simple single keystroke trick that will send any Vista machine into a spastic death dance and then crash altogether. All you do is hold down the Windows key and the letter E for 10 seconds. I’m not suggesting that you walk into Best Buy or Circuit City and do this to every Vista machine on display, and then leave a little picture of an iMac or MacBook next to each blinking Vistard machine. I’m really not. I’d also love it if you could bring a little camera and make a movie of the blinking moron boxes dying en masse. Do this and I guarantee you top placement here on the blog, plus a spot in the FSJ Hall of Fame. See instructions here. Much love, InformationGeek. Free fake iMac is in the mail. Meanwhile another dude at InformationWeek gripes that we’re focusing too much on the iPhone to the detriment of the iMac, and begs us to show some love to the Mac faithful. We’re working on it. Trust me.