Thursday, March 25, 2010

More on that great Chinese media

The Washington Post has discovered “regulations” passed down to Chinese media (snicker, snicker) from their government overlords, on what is and what isn’t permissible in covering the Google mess.  Get a load of this. I mean, these guys are priceless.  I may have to swear off my favorite “Combo Fried Rice” order from the local Chinese restaurant.

It is not permitted to hold discussions or investigations on the Google topic.

Online programs with experts and scholars on this matter must apply for permission ahead of time. This type of self-initiated program production is strictly forbidden.

All websites please clean up text, images and sound and videos which support Google, dedicate flowers to Google, ask Google to stay, cheer for Google and others have a different tune from government policy.

Do not participate in and report Google’s information/press releases.

Google is definitely no “God”

Well, of course not.  The People’s Daily, surely a bastion of impartial reporting, let that fly in an editorial. (Found their English language site by, um, Googling it.) These Chinese government dudes are an especially tricky people.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Behind the scenes at the Google/China negotiations

Update: China Unicom has pulled Google from their Android phones. Your move, Squirrel Boy.

Why does China fear the Internet?

JoT: Rickshaw rebels

GoDaddy stops offering Chinese domains

Get more details here. The domain registrar has some of the tackiest commercials going, so it’s hard not to see through their motives here. Nobility just doesn’t fit the GoDaddy profile. As one poster put it;

“The lawyer who founded GoDaddy is nobody’s fool…and no doubt is looking for some of the admiration/recognition that Google is getting.”

Has Google been hacked?

The China deal is getting ugly.  This site says Google’s corporate info sites appear to have been hacked.