Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poll results: It’s gonna be iPad

We’re closing down the poll today but it breaks down like this:

iPad got 438 votes, followed closely by Scoble with 378. iBook (191) and iTablet (147) were not even close.

Just so you know, the actual name is something else altogether. But thanks.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New poll: What should we name the Tablet?

I’ll be honest — we already have the name worked out. Of course we do. Right? The name is the first thing we come up with, before we even work on the ads. Nevertheless, we thought it would be fun to let people take a guess, and that way we can all go back and see how everyone was. Poll is in the right column, just below the Mozy advertisement. Which reminds me — be nice to Mozy. They’re our friends. Try their stuff. It really works. And even if you have Time Machine backing you up, you should still have something remote. What happens if your house burns down? Or there’s a flood? Not saying this is gonna happen, but what if?

Anyway, peace out. Try the poll.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The people have spoken: Scoble for Borg CEO

Well our poll about who should be the new Borg CEO has closed and much to our surprise King of All Bloggers Robert Scoble has emerged as the people’s favorite to replace Steve Ballmer. Scoble got 786 votes, or 39% of the total, compared to 534 for Gates and 507 for Ozzie. Much love to all who participated. And congratulations, Robert Scoble.

Friday, January 4, 2008

How could this amazing device be improved?

Not that we really give a shit what you want — you’ll take what we give you, and you’ll like it — but I’m sitting here with Jony and we’ve had a few drinks and he’s like, Dude, put out a poll about iPhone, just for giggles and to torment the poor idiots into thinking they might actually get some of this stuff.

So fine. It’s up there in the right hand column. I realize there are probably other things you’d like iPhone to do, and feel free to use the comments here to propose those and discuss. We really do value your feedback. Honestly. We do. Well, not really. But tell us anyway. It’s Friday, and we just had a beer blast, and now we’re bored. But please no more suggestions like, “Gives me blowjob then turns into pizza and six-pack of beer,” okay? Seriously. Somebody put that one up on the multi-touch wall in our lobby the other day and then the HR department got called in because it was a violation of the Apple sexual harassment policy and we ended up firing the guy.

Well, I’m off to another Macworld rehearsal, and then back to my float tank for eight hours of non-thinking.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Poll results

Well it looks like this Blogger poll feature is a good one — we’ve had more than 2,000 responses in just a day. At least I think it’s been only a day. Anyway, at last count it looks like “Flash notebook” is the clear winner, with a ball gag for Dave Winer coming in second. We’ll get to work on both right away.

Full results:

Flashbook: 911
Winer ball gag: 615
3G iPhone: 588
Tablet: 540

Much love to all who participated. New poll about Robert Scoble is up now.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Help me decide something

So as you know Apple’s campus is generally a peaceable kingdom where all subjects live in harmony with one another and respect each other’s differences and nobody makes fun of the dude in engineering who dresses like a man from the waist up and a woman from the waist down — skirts, nylons, pumps. I’m not kidding.

But lately our happy campus has been riven over a very huge issue. Should we or should we not release our tablet computer and our flash-based laptop at Macworld? Both of these babies are ready to go. But now some people at Apple feel we should hold them back. The reason is they don’t believe these products will be huge best-sellers and we already have Apple TV which is non-selling like hotcakes and how many “hobbies” can one company have before they start to seem, well, a little flakey?

We’ve had terrible arguments about this right here in King Steven’s court. Phil and Jonny almost came to blows again. Bertrand says one thing, Ron Johnson says another.

I happened to run into My Little Pony this morning — he’s here begging us to buy Sun — and I mentioned this dilemma and he says, “You’ve got a blog right? So why don’t you take a survey on your blog? That’s how we make all our big decisions at Sun.”

So I’m throwing it out there. Should we do the flash-based laptop? What about the tablet? Please let’s not just have yes or no answers. We’d like to really hear your thoughts on this.

Now I have to get back to rehearsals. We’re doing three a day from now till the show starts and honestly we’re so far behind I don’t know how we’re going to pull everything together.