Monday, June 11, 2007

Some French dude named Gilles has a hard-on for me

Check this out. This dude Gilles got upset about my recent post about Bertrand Serlet being a cyborg and posted a comment saying, “I think these remarks on Bertrand Serlet’s eyes are not appropriate. I know this man to be a genius; you of all people should be aware of that.” Now old Gilles has started reading the blog and commenting on other items. Like this one where he gloats about me slipping down on the Business 2.0 list of most influential people: “You are 24th right now, behind even Bill Gates. I think the 24th place is more than you deserve, by the way.” I wouldn’t even mention this except that negative people really upset me and this is not what I need in the run-up to my big keynote.

But check out the Blogger profile for Gilles. And check out his blog, where he writes poetry in Spanish which I don’t read. See here. If anyone wants to translate some into English, I’d love to know what it says. Jon Ive, who reads a little Spanish, says the first one is about having sex with a corpse, but I find that hard to believe.

Okay, I must return to meditating before the big speech. Much love. Namaste. Peace out. Let’s stay positive.