Monday, June 18, 2007

Another reason to remove Firefox from your computer

Here we go again with the cheesy exploitative marketing, using sexy women to push products. This alone is reason to uninstall Firefox from your machines and replace it with Safari. We would never, ever do something like this. Way unprofessional. Folks, if anyone finds other examples of this kind of sicko marketing from the never-get-laid guys at Mozilla, please send them along so I can publish the horrid photos and shame these evil people. Seriously, send them in.

Mozilla, it is time for you to die

Look, Mozilla people, I know you complained about the pie charts that I put up at WWDC last week showing Mozilla being erased from the browser market in the near future. I know you resent the fact that Apple is a big powerful company and you’re just a bunch of amateurs who’ve had some luck hacking together a browser that is, let’s be honest, pretty darn good. But guys, think about this. You’ve been in the market for 20 years now and you’ve got 15% market share. You’ve given it your best shot, and the market has voted, and you’ve lost. I know it hurts to hear this. But you’ve lost. Now it’s our turn. I guarantee you we’ll do a better job than you’ve done. And fair enough, I did recently admit that I use Firefox. I only said that to get my guys fired up. And it worked. They are determined to crush you. Sorry. I’m sure you’ll find work elsewhere. I hear the Debian team needs some fresh blood. Peace out.