Friday, July 17, 2009

Fight the Power Friday

To my brothers and sisters engaged in the heroic struggle for freedom in Washington, D.C. — we send out this video to let you know that we are with you. We stand together. The fascist D.C police want to keep you down. We say no! The power of technology is the power of freedom! As my good friend Chuck D (who by the way just loves his MacBook Pro) says: “What we need is awareness. We can’t get careless.”

Thanks to the PhantomAlert Trapster application, ordinary citizens have gained a foothold in the fight against tyranny. Now, in the spirit of civil disobedience fostered by Gandhi and John Lennon and Martin Luther King Jr., Apple and PhantomAlert Trapster are announcing a radical one-time offer: Until closing time today, Apple will be distributing free iPhones (*) pre-loaded with the PhantomAlert Trapster application at these DC-area Apple stores. We’re calling it “Fight the Power Friday.” Bring a printout of this blog item (**) with you.

* Offer applies to 8-GB iPhone 3G. Two-year activation contract required. Limit one per customer.

** This offer is purely fictional and not valid anywhere.

UPDATE: The original version of this post said the application was called PhantomAlert, because that’s what the newspaper article said. In fact the application that lets you avoid speed trap cameras is called Trapster. We’ve fixed it above. FSJ regrets the error.