Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let MySQL Go!


I don’t know you from Adam, you probably value the bidet that just cleaned and perfumed your sphincter this morning than my Rabid Fanboy opinion. But listen, okay? I know you didn’t grab Sun Microsystems just to shut down or own MySQL. Europe is gonna put a huge kibosh on the deal, unless this is all some entertaining kabuki theater for the business press, and you’ve already gotten people shot, laid, fed or combination of all three. Give the freetards control of MySQL, and go forward with the deal, already.


a poor rabid fanboy


Monday, November 23, 2009

Deutch-tard prefers OLPC design over anything by Apple

Heresy! Dopey kraut designer rejects Apple products in design exhibit. The money quote (that will get both arms and legs broken within the halls of Cupertino): “I couldn’t show any other computer, not even an Apple, because the story behind OLPC is so strong,” he explained.