Friday, November 6, 2009

Exclusive Story Opportunity: THE MAD SCRAMBLE TO BE IBM

That was the headline on the best PR pitch we’ve seen in ages, and which we just now got our hands on. One of the filthiest hacks on the beat has been trying to curry favor with Katie, and she’s playing along, pretending to be his friend, hoping we can maybe use him for something at some point. Katie calls this her “back pocket strategy,” meaning it’s always good to keep a few of these frigtards in your back pocket in case you need them someday. Anyway, this hack just got an incredible story pitch from IBM, the gist of which is that every company in tech is trying to imitate IBM. The hack passed the pitch along to us, and now we’re passing it along to you. Because sooner or later someone is going to bite on this story idea, and you’re going to see it pop up someplace, with lots of glossy photos and quotes from analysts and IBMers. And maybe this will give you some idea how the sausage gets made. Enjoy.