Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cringely weighs in on Chrome

Wow! He actually credits Larry for predicting Chrome – back in 1996! He also surmises Chrome is not only a direct threat to Microsoft, but Apple, too, and Oracle/Sun.

Horse shit. Microsoft will go down because it will act too slow to respond to challenge and fuck up and implode. Apple will not lose its fan base, ‘cos people like the experience they buy with Apple – and more and more people are being sucked into it everyday; Apple is satisfying customers who used to be duped by Sony, H-P, Dell, Lenovo and of course Microsoft. Google Apps will have to really do something to leapfrog over Larry and start cutting into Oracle’s revenue stream. I see Google and Oracle becoming very wary partners in some future venture, then we’ll see who stabs who in the back first.

BTW, Cringely, that’s one hot babealicious wife, you lucky son-of-a-gun!

Update: Go here for all your fave I, Cringely video bits on YouTube