Friday, June 6, 2008

Barry, dude, are you crazy?

Disturbing headlines tonight about a secret Obama-Clinton confab.

Barry, Barry, Barry, how many times must I tell you to steer clear? If you think the Clintstones have accepted the new reality, or ever will, you should invest heavily in the Borg. As sure as I am typing this (on a phenomenally cool and as-yet-unreleased handheld device, btw) the Clintstones are picking out new drapes for the Lincoln bedroom.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Lady Clintstone must be stopped

Hill’s at it again. The latest faux pas, as they say in Germany, was the “slip” about RFK’s assassination. Lady Clintstone backed off, but she knows you can’t unring a bell with this lame “did-I-say-that-out-loud?” act.

As Jung once said: There are no accidents.

Obama, Barry, baby! As I’ve warned you more than once: Watch your back.

Just in case, Moshe is dispatching Shlomo and his bagmen to backstop your Secret Service detail.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This cannot stand

The Clintstones never say die. The only hybrid as noxious as an iPhone/Vista abortion would be an Obama/Clintstone ticket. But that’s just what Billy Bob is pushing, according to Time maggie.

Key snippet:

“In Bill Clinton’s view, she has earned nothing short of an offer to be Obama’s running mate, according to some who are close to the former President. Bill “is pushing real hard for this to happen,” says a friend.

Listen up Barry! Don’t get sucked in. They’ll be talking all Dreamteam and shit but once you’re in there, you know you’ll get shivved. You’d be as disposable as Larry’s number two at Oracle.

Believe it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

It’s true, we all hate Hillary

Well the Journal finally got around to reporting today (see here) what I told everyone on my blog last summer. Out here in the Valley we friggin hate Hillary Clinton. Check out my piece called The Clintstones if you want to get the real skinny on the down-and-dirty meeting we all had with Hill and Bill last summer. It wasn’t pretty, trust me.