Thursday, January 28, 2010

Has someone told Marissa about this?

The site is, and it’s a Chinese knock-off of Google. Then again, maybe it’s not. According to the Salon story, “Exactly speaking, Goojje is not a search engine but a platform for finding friends,” says one of the founders, Xiao Xuan.

Oh, OK.  Well, as long as they’ve made that clear.

As they say on TV…but wait!  There’s more. Check out  As the extension suggests, yup, it’s from China. I mean, I’ve heard of knock-off Rolex watches, Nike sneakers and Louis Vuitton luggage, but c’mon guys.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Borg to release patch tomorrow

The Borg, brought to their knees by Chinese hacker frigtards, are going to release a patch to fix the Aurora hack attack on Gmail. Internet Explorer 6 was a key reason they were able to mess with Gmail. The patch addresses issues with newer versions of the browser, as well. Lots of tech jargon here.

China not content to mess with just Google

Now they’re going after the King Of The World. Or more specifically, his movie. James Cameron’s huge hit Avatar (the 2D version) is getting yanked from Chinese theatres. This story suggests it’s getting pulled to reduce competition for homegrown movies (like “Confucius,” which is sure to pack the ‘plex) prior to China’s holiday season. February is the Lunar New Year, the nation’s biggest holiday. The fact that the movie “dramatizes the forced eviction of a people” probably has no bearing on the Chinese government’s decision. Not that they bully their people or anything.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And they won’t wait ’til February 9th, either

Microsoft says they are testing out a patch for counter the Chinese hacker mess with Gmail.  Microsoft’s George Stathakopoulos says they won’t know a release date until Wednesday at the earliest.  In an entirely magnanimous gesture, it appears they will have it out prior to the next regularly-scheduled patch date of February 9. (Um, dude- don’t bother; everyone’s switching to Firefox or Chrome.) Bonus- here’s what the whole thing looks like, and good luck to you if you can make sense of it.

The “Aurora” IE Exploit in Action from The Crew of Praetorian Prefect on Vimeo.

Android release postponed in China

Wonder why?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gmail hack posted online- was it an inside job?

Joy. Now every hacktard in the world can read all about it. As we now know, it involved Internet Explorer 6. The code that was used to hack Gmail was posted to malware analysis site Wepawet. Metasploit shows us how it worked. Naturally, no patch yet from Microsoft for IE. Get more fair & balanced info here. Meanwhile, CNET has news that the hackers may have had help from the inside.  Oooooo.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

An especially tricky people

Yahoo! has publicly supported Google in the China kerfuffle, and now (you saw this coming) a Yahoo! Chinese partner has slammed them for it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The back story on Google/China

Thursday, January 14, 2010

White House to Google: “We’ve got your back” on China

The White House has come out and formally supported Google on their moves this week in China.  Meanwhile, check out this totally forthcoming and revealing press briefing out of Beijing. She says “China’s Internet is open.” Um…what was that again?

Take Gmail security to the next level

This sounds like a hassle and a half, but Stephen Shankland’s got a story here on how to take Gmail to NSA-level security.  Or something.