Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wait — now we’re a "bunch of pigs"?

I don’t know how I missed this, but that’s what Jon Fortt of Fortune magazine says here, in an article where he apologizes to Microsoft — apologizes! — and says, hey, it turns out Apple is way worse than you guys. Money quote:

We’ve been living the Silicon Valley version of Animal Farm all along. Like Napoleon the pig in the classic story, Apple promised us beautiful technology that would set us free to express and innovate. Apple’s technology is gorgeous all right. But as Apple gets more power, a funny thing is happening on the farm. Innovation and expression on Apple’s iPhone platform are beginning to suffer, even as Apple insists that its restrictions are for our own good. And as we gaze out at the titans of the tech landscape, it’s getting difficult to tell which are the humans and which are the pigs.

My translation: Dear Mr. Ballmer, We’re all trying to get the big “get” of the fall season, which will be the big Microsoft cover story that tells how you struggled through years of failure but now you’re back, with Bing and Win7 and great ads and blah blah blah — and yes, to get that story, I’m willing to grovel a bit. Well, maybe even more than a bit. Heck, I’ll even take a few shots at Apple, because I know you go for that kind of thing. Right?

Hooboy. And then little miss sunshine herself, Sarah Lacy, takes a break from admiring herself in a mirror while listening tapes of herself talking to pen this nasty vitriolic screed about the “tyranny of of the Mac fan boy,” which she thinks might be waning. God these hacks crack me up. Well, folks, the Borg suck-up watch begins. Trust me, it’s gonna get ugly.