Monday, December 7, 2009

… and then there was one.

It’s enough to drive one to distraction, perhaps even a touch of paranoia. First, some itinerant indigent snatches my iTouch in the middle of a Skype call and throws it

under the wheels of local DART train. He (successfully) was trying to get arrested to get some free room and board courtesy of the police. Next, at work,

Websense blocks my Google Docs files exclusively, not anybody else’s. Last night, at home, my MacMini, Ubuntu Dell mini and XP PC all blow up,

their motherboards’ got fried – despite each having their own surge protectors (we lost a few other electronics, too). The only thing I got left between me and the virtual world is my ancient creeky GQ RX-7336 laptop. So, yes, I am a tad cranky right now. Postings will be a might fewer until I get upto speed again.