Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Google Eric Schmidt is evil

Heil, Schmidt!

You know, a company is only as good or as bad as the people behind it. And right now, Google is clearly schizophrenic. Sergey and Larry, they’re still idealists, they really believe their company can be good, not evil, while the guy running the operation for them, Squirrel Boy, is no better than than the guy described in this posting by Dear Leader – and in all fact, is probably worse. He’s got one recently retired Yahoo engineer thinking of him in terms of Hitler – which means Eric better hire a personal bomb removal squad to precede him before he enters any room –

For a price, this can be directed at almost any private citizen within continental USA

though these days, people are more likely to use one of these babies, if they grease the right palms in the Defense Department or the CIA or even the guys that manufacture them. Actually, Eric is reminding me a lot of Richard Nixon and his crew. Very sneaky, underhanded, lot of dirty tricks and constant denials, despite the evidence. For instance, if you’ve got a web presence but somehow rubbed Eric or one of his upper level minions the wrong way – congratulations! – you’ve made the infamous Google blacklist – which means you don’t don’t show up at all on Google web search, unless you’ve got a set of lawyers more squirrelly than Google’s. Then, of course, we all remember whenever you did a web search for news of the iPad in the first few days after its debut, nothing but negative reviews and so-so reports at the top of the search, while the search results with negative reviews of the Nexus One were absolutely buried. Now if this doesn’t come off as monopolistic anti-competitive behavior, I don’t know what does – and I know this behavior is monopolistic and anti-competitive.

Schmidt is shit! Schmidt is shit! Schmidt is shit! Schmidt is shit!

Brin and Page and all the other shareholders out there, before the government steps in and installs oversight over every company that is in the search engine business – starting with yours –

Page, Brin, it pains me that we're apart, but I feel betrayed ... but you can make this right ... it is within your power ... look inside yourselves

do the right thing – purge this asshole and his dingleberries from your company now – and you will not only be on the road to being not evil again – you will also be in good graces with Saint Steve, once more.

For the sake of the children.

UPDATE: You wanna’ another reason to have the stockholders dump Squirrel Boy? Read this and then pass it around. Microsoft should be suffering the worst case of indigestion by a corporation since the Time-Warner AOL merger, but Schmidt The Shit screwed that up big time. Sometimes it’s best to shut up and let your enemies hang themselves. Unfortunately, it looks like Schmidt may be single-handedly hanging Google.