Sunday, March 14, 2010

Apple CYAs its iPad battery replacement policy

Not a serving tray, just a unique, soon to be ubiquitous, universal mobile device that no home should be without ... at least three.

There’s 847 articles and probably more about this subject, but I’m only going to link to one. Eenny-meeny-miney-moe. This one, right here. The gist of all these articles is, if you have an iPad with a lousy battery, Apple will swap it out with a brand new iPad for only – get this -$99.00. Well, I suppose that’s better than a kick in the head, but you better back up any personal files, movies, music, etc before handing it over, ‘cos once you surrender it, it’s gone, man, gone.

Oh, here’s the link to Apple’s site on the policy, here.

OH, and I’m required to have to post this, something about being fair and balanced:

There you go, Steve …

Don't get so cocky, lastangelman, no one is going to undermine this, no one, this is bigger than The Beatles, this is bigger than the beginning of all Creation, itself. It's a new era, an avuncular epoch of unimaginable proportions. A new world order. Bask in it the wonderfulness. You loved the prototype, right? Behave, and you may touch it once again ...