Monday, November 30, 2009

How to Upgrade Your Operating System

Avowed Windows user Scott Meyer recounts his travails of upgrading from Vista.  The money quote here :”When am I gonna live down buying Windows ME?” “Same time Microsoft lives down making it.””So, never. Awesome!”

See more Basic Instruction goodness here

Update: I am really sick of typing online, as mistakes happen unintentionally, because freakin’ AJAX app can’t freakin’ keep up, and WordPress has a sucky dictionary. Hell, the dictionary in Firefox is fabtabulous (that is intentional word I made up, btw) but WordPress disables it and suppresses it with it’s own sucky software. Yet, this is the freakin’ future folks, and we’re all being stampeded off the edge of this cliff – you’re either die fighting against the stampede or you take your chances diving off the cliff with the rest of the flash mob – “GERONIMO, MUTHAFUCKAS!”