Saturday, April 3, 2010

Apple Store, Santa Clara

Apple Store, Knoxville, TN

Apple Store, NYC

Apple Store, Palo Alto

Friday, April 2, 2010

Scoble pandering to media, Woz now at Valley Fair

Click here to check out TWiT Live in Palo Alto with Scoble.  (You may have to select BitGravity Bandwidth, regular audio stream acting a bit weird.) He also says Woz is already at Valley Fair in Santa Clara.

Apple Stores holding all-hands meeting tomorrow at 7am

This story indicates that there will be staff training meetings at Apple Stores Saturday morning at 7am.  Each employee may get an iPad, and smartphones will need to be checked at the door when they report for work, with an NDA signing, too.  Security patrols will monitor inventory overnight, with some staff reporting at 3am. Members of Moshe’s security team will be attending various staff meetings to ensure compliance. 

Gee, I wonder what’s in those boxes

Scoble, freezing in Palo Alto, says he just got this spy photo from a friend.  Stacks of you-know-what inside an Apple Store.

iPad rules of engagement

Tomorrow morning is when the iPad goes on sale at Apple Stores and some Best Buys. Can’t say how to deal with Best Buy, but there are some ground rules when you go to the Apple Store for your iPad. Print these out and carry them along.

*If Woz wants to cut in line at Valley Fair in Santa Clara, at least make him pay for his spot. He can afford it.

*Make sure to thank your Apple Store employee for allowing you the privilege of buying an iPad.  He/She doesn’t have to, you know.

*Show a little humility.  It won’t get you a discount- they might charge you more. But humble is how El Jobso rolls.

*Don’t go in wearing a black turtleneck, jeans, and New Balance 993’s.  Only one guy can pull it off- and you’re not him.

*Please provide a written statement in 30 words or less stating why you’re worthy to buy an iPad. References encouraged, and will be verified.

*If eligible, buy as many iPads as you can.  Steve needs your money, even though it’s not about money- it’s about the art.

*Once you take possession of your iPad, don’t be like this.  Be quiet, reverant, and respectful. Bow in the direction of Cupertino. Show some class.  This is an Apple Store you’re in. I mean, would you act like Scoble in church?  Didn’t think so.

*You’ll have to drink some Kool-Aid.  It’s no big deal- it’s SOP with all Apple gear.

*Leave the Apple Store only once you’ve purchased as many Apple products as possible.  Maybe an iPhone or iPod to go with that iPad, sir?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Apple Store 404

It’s probably no big deal.  The store usually goes down right before a launch, but it’s doubtful something’s going up in the middle of a Saturday night.  Then again, Apple likes to Think Different®.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Uh-oh, Scoble’s targeting the Palo Alto Apple Store

Word on the street is the iPad will be on sale Saturday April 3rd. Scoble is planning some type of festivities in Palo Alto, near as I can tell.