Sunday, April 4, 2010

“I and iPad”

Woz tweeted this photo with that caption.

We’re done here, let’s go get a smoothie

Saturday, April 3, 2010

iPad madness in SF

Update: Nice CNET recap of the SF Apple Store launch, featuring a certain ubiquitous video blogger.

Dear Leader graces Palo Alto with his presence

Some things never change: 2007 vs. 2010

Scoble emerges from the Palo Alto Apple Store this morning. Looks a lot like July 2007, doesn’t it? Maybe a little heavier.

Apple Store: Walnut Creek, CA

(Click to enlarge.)

Apple Store: Woz in Santa Clara

Woz just loves the user experience, and you have to appreciate that. He just likes being out with the masses. The fawning adulation probably doesn’t hurt, either. Straight from The Merc in San Jose:

The ever buoyuant Woz, who brought along his Segway, which he used to cruise the empty mall halls, provided tech tales to all who wanted to hear them. An early supply crunch apparently forced Apple to limit individuals and businesses to one order of two iPads. Even Woz couldn’t get more: After ordering one iPad, he tried to put in another order for one more for a friend, but was turned away.

Apple Store: NYC with NDC

Apple Store: Tampa, FL

USA West Coast…it’s showtime

It’s 9am here on the West Coast. People in other time zones already have their iPads, and now it’s our turn. Your local Apple Store is waiting for you with outstretched arms.  If you’re in Palo Alto, don’t let Scoble shove you out of line. In Santa Clara’s Valley Fair Mall, Woz is sure to be line-jumping. Go buy an iPad before they’re gone. You might even spot El Jobso.