Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google Earth 2.0 App available

Get it now, it’s Earthier.

Apple throws a bone to App developers

An RSS feed.

Is this, like, supposed to be , you know, manna from heaven?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not so fast, downloading that App, pardner

Experts expect security wall around Apple’s App Store approval process to be breached. Expect the iGotcha sometime within next three months

Friday, December 4, 2009

I’ll make a prediction here

This fine babealicious columnist/blogger/hottie/whatever thinks the app store for the iPhone will top 300,00 at the end of next year. Such a conservative! Let’s shoot for 500,000, okay, Princess? The SDK for the iPhone is so freakin’ easy to use, that everybody and his Aunt Henry (believe me, there is an Aunt Henry – don’t ask!), will be trying to get rich quick submitting apps and games – and it won’t be for the beloved iPhone or iTouch – wait until the Holy Tablet is ushered unto the masses – by December 12, 2012, it’s not going to be the end of the world – it’s going to be the end of Dell’s world, and H-P’s world and Acer’s world and Canonical and Microsoft’s world.

It’ll be the dawn of the new age and everything before will seem yellowed, crinkly, sepia-toned, kindsa yucky and ewww and grandparenty.

UPDATE: for your consideration, geek-stalkers,

the new babealicious. Not the beanstalk, dipsticks, the other one!

BONUS UPDATE: ‘Cos I luv youse guys, one more

Monday, September 28, 2009

We have your credit card info, and we are unstoppable

See, our business isn’t about selling PCs, or selling iPods or iPhones. What we’re actually selling is a management system for digital assets — music, movies, books. In fact, what we’re really selling is convenience. And according to Tim Bajarin, no one can stop us.

That’s right, Tim Bajarin, one of the best and brightest IT consultants out there, now says that, “Apple is perhaps the most influential company in the personal computer and CE market. And this is driving its competitors crazy.” Tim also points out that we’re not actually in the PC or CE business. We’re doing “digital asset management,” and we’ve got credit cards from 100 million people on file. That’s right — 100 million paying customers, who can buy with a simple click of a button, which makes us a very attractive platform for third-party developers. While everyone else is making devices, we’re providing a holistic solution. Money quote:

It’s no wonder that people are flocking to Apple stores and buying Apple’s new PC and mobile devices in increasing numbers. In the end, while consumers may like Apple’s hardware, what they’re really buying is Apple’s simple way of managing, aggregating, protecting, discovering, distributing and slinging digital content around their PC and device networks.

At the moment I don’t get the sense that other PC and CE guys really understand what Apple has become. While they have been fighting wars on form, function and prices, Apple has boldly transformed itself from a mild and not-so-meek PC company into the most powerful digital-asset-management company on the planet. And for the time being, it is unstoppable.

Tim’s right, of course. Look at Sony, or Microsoft, or Google, or anyone. They still don’t get it. They’re still out there talking about chips, or features, or whatever. Or now they’re all hot for design. But they think design means making pretty objects. It doesn’t. It means making a system of pieces that all work together seamlessly. It’s not about calling attention to the technology. It’s about making the technology invisible. That’s design. Sometimes we all sit here looking at the other guys and kind of scratching our heads at how clueless they are. I mean it’s kind of amazing, isn’t it?

2 billion App Store downloads — why no one can catch us

We’ve done two billion app downloads in just over a year — a billion of them in the last quarter alone. Does anyone really think they can stop us? No way. Absolutely no way.

We just put out the news this morning. The App Store is the biggest phenomenon that has ever hit the tech industry, an achievement on par with the creation of the integrated circuit itself by Kirby and Royce back in the 1940s at Intel. Who will stop us now? Palm? Please. They won’t even say how many Pre units they’ve sold, and may or may not be having trouble getting Verizon to sell the Pre. Or what about RIM? Maybe you noticed that they blew their quarter recently. You think that wasn’t because of us? Come on. We’re blowing our numbers away. Everyone wants an iPhone. Nokia? Yawn. Motorola? Windows Mobile? Android? I can’t even work up the energy to yawn. Honestly, I don’t think people even realize yet what we’ve done here. Mobile is the only space that matters right now, we own it. Even if someone were to come along with a better piece of hardware, which they won’t, but even if they did, what would it matter? They can’t match our apps. We’re doing in mobile what Microsoft did in PCs. We’ve created a stable, proprietary platform, and we’ve thrown it open to third-party developers. We are the Windows of the mobile space. We can go in any direction we want. Any size, any form factor. Doesn’t matter. We control the OS layer. Unlike Microsoft and Google, we control the hardware, too. We also control which apps get to run in our world, and we run the store. Yeah, I like our position. I like it a lot. Much love, apps developers. Santa is going to be extra nice to you this Christmas.