Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mike Arrington: I’ll Sue!!!

Looks like Tech Crunch is about to become a piss poor litigation blog. By the time the smoke clears or gets blown up enough asses between here and 9th Circuit Court of Appeal, will it really matter? The Tablet of God will already be upon us and anything else will seem ridiculous.

Weird Al Yankovic shows us how it’s done here

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This guy hates DVD box sets

Tough shit. A lot of us love ’em, buy ’em, download ’em and watch ’em, over and over and over again. Read a book. Join the Peace Corps. Join dial-a-date. Don’t rain on our parade mis-tah. It’s my cultural landfill, and I’ll buy if I want to.

Ask A PC

and he’ll gladly confess he knows nothing. Leave him alone, Rose, he’s an actor not an insider. The God Tablet’s price won’t matter ‘cos you will buy it anyway. It’s that good and wunnerful and magical and cool – everything you’re not! So shut up and move on already.