Friday, December 4, 2009

I’ll make a prediction here

This fine babealicious columnist/blogger/hottie/whatever thinks the app store for the iPhone will top 300,00 at the end of next year. Such a conservative! Let’s shoot for 500,000, okay, Princess? The SDK for the iPhone is so freakin’ easy to use, that everybody and his Aunt Henry (believe me, there is an Aunt Henry – don’t ask!), will be trying to get rich quick submitting apps and games – and it won’t be for the beloved iPhone or iTouch – wait until the Holy Tablet is ushered unto the masses – by December 12, 2012, it’s not going to be the end of the world – it’s going to be the end of Dell’s world, and H-P’s world and Acer’s world and Canonical and Microsoft’s world.

It’ll be the dawn of the new age and everything before will seem yellowed, crinkly, sepia-toned, kindsa yucky and ewww and grandparenty.

UPDATE: for your consideration, geek-stalkers,

the new babealicious. Not the beanstalk, dipsticks, the other one!

BONUS UPDATE: ‘Cos I luv youse guys, one more