Signs of the apocalypse

* Stock in private tech startups has risen 54% in the past six months.

* A company that makes a wristband for using your iPod Nano as a wristwatch has raised nearly $1 million in venture funding.

* A company that makes pants — that’s right, fucking pantsjust raised $18.5 million. On top of the $7.7 million they’d raised previously.

* Twitter is now worth $3.7 billion, and Facebook is worth $45 billion but that’s a bargain because it will easily be worth $200 billion by 2015, and by 2020 could be the first company with a $1 zillion maket value, so buy-buy-buy, everybody!

Right. And back in 2007, Fortune raved about how huge Second Life was going to be, and some visionary person who could see into the future because he knew so much about technology said: “In two years I think Second Life will be huge, probably as large as the entire gaming community is today.”

Food for thought.

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