We have not delayed iOS 4.2, and there is no WiFi problem with 4.2 on iPads

Despite what you may have read on idiot blogs like Engadget, we have not “delayed” the release of iOS 4.2. What we have done is reset our ship date to a future date that has not yet been determined. That’s not a delay. It’s a date change. Also, contra Engadget, the new software is not having “issues” or suffering any “serious looking connectivity bug.” What Engadget seems to have stumbled upon is a new feature that enables the iPad to rapidly connect and disconnect to a wireless network, thus saving battery life. The switching takes place at a speed that is actually faster than the speed at which neurons fire in your brain, so that to the end user the rapid connecting and disconnecting is not detectable. We call it Neuron Switch and we’re actually super proud of how amazingly awesome and mind-blowing it is, and we’ll be shipping it when we feel the world is ready for it, which might be today or might be some other day. So, Engadget? Get your facts straight. And next time, maybe call us before you just print something. Peace.