What’s the #1 most crazy idea Steve Ballmer has ever heard?

Apparently some analyst at Goldman Sachs recently said Microsoft should spin out its consumer unit, and Ballmer just got up at some conference and said this is the “the second most crazy idea I have ever heard.” (Hat tips to BizInsider and Financial Times.)

That of course got everyone wondering what Ballmer’s number one most crazy idea might be. He wouldn’t say, but but I know for a fact what it is, because he left it on my voice mail and I’ve saved it for three and a half years:

“You’re going to take an iPod and add a radio to it and turn it into a phone? And you’re going to charge five hundred dollars for a phone? A phone that plays music? Well, good luck with that. Because that is the number one most crazy idea I’ve ever heard.”

You know what? I love competing with Microsoft. I really do.

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