Scoble: I’m GLAD that AT&T might leak my email address!!!

Just got email from uber-blogger Robert Scoble and though he didn’t include explicit permission to publish what he wrote, let’s face it, it’s Scoble. The guy craves attention. And I think it’s important to show that not everyone is being hysterical and sensationalistic about this iPad privacy issue. So here goes:

Dear Steve —

Just wanted to let you know that not all of the A-list pundits are against you on this AT&T security breach. I’ve bought several iPads, including a 3G model, and was hoping my account had been breached so that I could blog about it. Unfortunately I was not on the list, which left me temporarily without anything to say on the matter, until I realized — jeez, here I am, wishing I’d been breached, and that in itself is something to write about! I tried to think of why I would feel that way and the best thing I could come up with is that if hackers got hold of my email address they might post it somewhere, and this would only reinforce my belief that there is no such thing as privacy and we’re all just living our lives in public, every moment of every day. If anything this whole episode just makes me want to buy another 3G iPad even more than I already did, which was a lot because honestly the iPad has changed my life and I no longer use any other computer because I can do everything on the iPad. So, thanks for everything, keep up the good work, and call me if you’d ever like to have lunch or just bounce around some ideas.

— Robert

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