I want to go on record saying this: There is no “antenna problem” on the iPhone 4, and we’re not going to fix anything, because nothing needs to be fixed

Well the extortionists at Gizmodo are working overtime to create the impression that there is a genuine problem with reception on iPhone 4. Check out this lame “article,” for example, which includes the photo at right. They’re suggesting people should do things like wrap a rubber band around the phone or paint some nail polish on the stainless steel band or put some tape there. And now, of course, some asshole (cough Google cough) has made one of those Hitler videos where Hitler is pissed about the antenna problem. And of course some other assholes have started a rumor that we’re preparing to send out a software fix for the problem, maybe this week.

Let me just say this again. There is nothing wrong with iPhone 4. Nothing. There is no antenna problem. In fact, reception on iPhone 4 is 10 to 100 times better than on iPhone 3GS.

All you need to do is hold the phone the right way, and you’re good to go. We are not going to put out any fixes, because no fixes are needed. I’ve already said this, but I just want to keep on saying it so that people will get the message: We are not going to “fix” the new phone, because there is nothing to fix.

I highly recommend that people check out what John Gruber has been writing on Daring Fireball, because, as usual, he’s getting it totally right.

Says John:

My best guess at this point is that the issue pops up in areas with spotty 3G coverage. With nothing covering the antenna, the improved reception of the iPhone 4 gives you more bars, maybe even up to 5. But when you cover the antenna in these areas with poor coverage, the phone is unable to get a strong signal. I’ve seen several reports from people who can reproduce the problem, but only from certain locations.

He’s exactly right. It’s all about your location, and the quality of the 3G signal there. It has nothing — nothing — to do with the phone.

Am I being clear on this? There is nothing wrong with the phone. Okay. This is all just FUD getting kicked up by Microsoft and Google and Gizmodo.

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