God bless you, John Gruber

For pointing out the sheer hypocrisy on the part of AdMob, which is complaining because we are blocking AdMob from our platform to punish AdMob for selling itself to Google instead of to us. Gruber also kneecaps John Battelle for his similarly inane response to our totally legitimate decision to do everything we can to destroy AdMob.

As Gruber points out:

1. “Google started this.”

True, and exactly what I would have said, except I would have added, “Nyah nyah.”

Because let’s be clear. Google had no right to enter the mobile device market. What they’ve done with Android is akin to the Russians landing on the moon and putting their flag next to ours and claiming that the moon now belongs to both of us. Well, sorry. That’s not how the world works. The moon belongs to us, and we’re not going to share it just because someone else figures out how to land on it.

We’ve been pushing the FTC on this because it’s pretty outrageous anticompetitive behavior on Google’s part. So far we’re not getting the kind of response we’d like. If all else fails we may file a lawsuit against Google. Some people are telling me I should just let it go, but honestly I just can’t do that. I’d rather quit.

2. “If AdMob had sold itself to Apple instead of Google, they could still sell in-app ads on iOS.”

This is exactly what we told AdMob when we were trying to buy them. I mean come on. This is how vertical integration works. And if we didn’t do stuff like this, any company would just be free to go out and sell itself to any other company. I mean think about it.

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