“One man, one company”

This just kills me. Now Google is rewriting history. Instead of saying they stole from us, and moved into our market, now they’re saying that they’re the good guys trying to save the world from big bad Apple. The money quote:

“If we did not act, we faced a draconian future, where one man, one company, one carrier was the future.”

Remember that quote because I’m pretty sure it’s one that people will bring up in years to come.

Next we’ll have Schmidt saying that when he was on our board he realized that we had sneaky longterm plans to crush Google’s advertising business by introducing a new mobile ad system and choking off all the other ad sellers. He’ll probably also say that Google had no choice but to make its own phones, its own mobile OS, its own browser, because he realized, at some point, that even though I had put him on my board, I was secretly planning to fuck him.

And now they’ve a Chrome browser that’s better than Safari; a mobile operating system that’s better than iPhone OS; a zillion different pieces of hardware at all sorts of price points on all sorts of carriers; and they’re supporting Flash just to make us look like selfish fascist dicks.

I need to go sit in my meditation room and scream for a while.

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