I’m watching the Android stuff today and it feels like the 80s all over again

We’re tuned in to the coverage on Business Insider and it appears they’re mocking me, mocking iPad, tethering an iPad to an Android phone (ha ha), also claiming they’re faster, and basically no longer even pretending that we are not totally at war. As Biz Insider says: “Talking smack on the iPad and its inability to play Flash videos. It’s on.” Showing some music stuff, like buying directly from the Web and streaming from a computer. “All of a sudden, with the touch of a button, you can now stream all your songs from your library to an Android device and interact with it as if it was really on your phone.”

And all I can think is, I trusted these fuckers, and they stole from me, and now they’re giving this shit away to the whole fucking world and yes there’s fragmentation and no control and porn and messiness, but Goddammit it feels like I’ve seen this movie before: