Freetards outraged over dieresis ban

Just got this email from a guy at the Free Software Foundation:

We personally do not use the dieresis in our own writing, but we respect and will defend the right of the New Yorker or anyone else to do so. Who are you to just go changing the English language? And what’s next? Will you outlaw the umlaut in German? Diacritical marks in French? And while you’re at it, why not acute and grave accents? Where does it end?

Answers to those questions, in reverse order:

It ends where I say it ends. It’s my machine, and I decide what you can do with it. Deal.

The French and German stuff can say.

What’s next is I’m going to have Silvano, my assistant, wheel me around the Stanford Shopping Center and I’m going to point to things that I want banned.

And who am I? I’m Steve fucking Jobs, bitch. I invented the friggin iPod. And the iPhone. And the iPad. And I’m not changing the language. I’m making it better. If you didn’t have such a massive ego you might realize that I’m doing this for your own good.

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