Tales of El Jobso

Get a bunch of RSJ stories here.  (I think they took my headline, actually.) Among the selections:

I had 2 encounters with Steve. Both while I was working at Apple.

The first one was when I was driving around IL1 going to the Company Store to get some Apple shwag. I looked down for a second while driving my car looking for parking and when I looked up I had to slam on the breaks because someone stepped out in front of me. I realized after the dirty look I got from him that it was Steve. I hoped he didn’t burn my image into his brain to fire me later.

The second time was during a town hall meeting. When the town hall seating fills up everyone gathers around the screens in the cafeteria, which is where I was. While I was standing there waiting for things to start, I’m noticing the Apple security people checking everyones badges before they come in. A couple minutes later I look over and see Steve walking in next to another lady who is feverishly telling him things (probably about the meeting). Security looks at her badge and let her through, the look at Steve’s waist (most people wear their badge on their belt) and there is no badge there. So the security guard steps in front of him, one side then to the other when Steve tries to side step him. The Lady, realizing shes not talking to anyone anymore steps back and grabs Steve by the arm, looks at the security guard and says “Do you know who this is? THIS is Steve Jobs! Thanks!” and pulls Steve, who has a huge grin on his face, and continues on their way. The security guy wasn’t smiling. I felt kinda bad, but it was funny.