Sorry about that guys!

Results may vary

Third party developers for the iPad are discovering they are having a bad day. The iPad simulator used by hundreds of developers had a slight documentation error – Robert X Cringely reports here, neither with glee, nor malice, more of a shrug of the shoulders and “What else is new?” tone :

Literally what should have been a ‘>’ was made a ‘<’ by mistake (or vice versa).  The result is that some applications were built in a way that was within the tolerance of the simulator but not of the target hardware.  Now that iPads are coming available the solutuion is simple: test your app on the actual device.

As the late Douglas Adams once wrote, “We apologize for the inconvenience.” or as the late beloved comedian Don Adams would remark, “Sorry about that!”

Would you believe this is Tim Cook's fault? No? Ah, would you believe this was a dastardly April Fool's prank executed by Larry Ellison's people? No? Ah, well, would you believe this all your fault?