Long Beach Bunny Party!

Kilw the wabbits?

Good gravy! It’s bad enough they just had a nice 7.1 earthquake, but Long Beach also has an infiltration of Easter Rabbits! Everywhere you go, burrows, droppings, rabbit fights for territory, vegetation decimated, but these SoCal residents are as befuddled as Elmer Fudd on how to eliminate or control this conflagration of coneys, ‘cos they so cuddly and cute when you see ’em boppin’ on your lawn, ’til they start chewin’ up your prize lettuce patch or burrowing beneath your begonias.

Filthy com-sap socialist-liberal bunnies, I'll blast 'em to hell'n'back, again !!!

Wallace & Grommit are l’il out of the way, so importing these animal removal experts might be a wee bit more than the city council budget can manage. They can always invite this guy to solve their problem, as long as all residents remain indoors until the all clear has been sounded.

And how was your Easter?