Justin Kocott: “Just something to do”

FSJ has already referred to the guy that decided to buy an iPad in Pittsburgh, then pound it to pieces with a baseball bat. This, however, proves my theory that stupidity comes in pairs, because this guy decided to put one in a blender. “Will it blend?” Oh, how cute. No, I’m not going to embed the code.  If you want to see this moron in action, be my guest.

I’d like to address what this says about parts of our culture.  The parts that still drag their knuckles. Back to this dreadful little Pittsburgh weasel. We were going to have a Frigtard of The Week award- forget it.  It’s been retired for the year. No one will top this.

What is the purpose behind doing this? Are we so starved for attention that we desperately want to make our YouTube moment that will live forever? Quoting the AFP word for word:

The video of the smashing of the 500-dollar device outside a Best Buy store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Saturday has attracted more than 280,000 views on the video-sharing site.

The Los Angeles Times caught up with Justin Kocott, the 19-year-old high school student who made the video titled “Brand new iPad getting smashed by a baseball bat.”

“I wanted to be the first one to do it before other people did it,” Kocott told the newspaper. “It was just something to do. I knew some people would hate it, but I didn’t think that many people would hate it,” he said. “A lot of people are leaving really bad comments (in the YouTube comments section).” Kocott told the Times he did not have anything against Apple and had actually bought two other iPads. “I do not at all hate Apple. I love Apple, actually,” he said.

Let me tell you, Justin.  They don’t like you. And neither do I.

I’ll just step out of the persona of this website for a second. I am not being the usual pro-Apple advocate here. I’m speaking as someone who knows the value of things. “It was just something to do,” you say. I suppose you use that flippant excuse anytime you want to do something society would otherwise condone? By that reasoning, if you go shoot someone- that’s just “something to do,” too.  Before anyone else beats you to it.

A lot of people can’t afford one of these.  You, however, decide to take good money, buy one of these devices, and then just smash it to bits…for fun?  I would hate to be your cat or puppy if you own one.  I guess dangling it over the overpass would be “just something to do.”

It’s wasteful.  And it’s a sad commentary on your parents, too.  Did they raise you to respect anything?  Or were you born into a family with a lot of money, so smashing a valuable computer for “kicks” is looked upon as “kids being kids.” You also bought two more, so obviously Daddy bought these for you- not too many Pittsburgh teens can drop 1.5K at a Best Buy, and trash a third of their purchase on a whim. You could’ve taken that extra $500 and donated it to a homeless shelter, if you were so inclined. But you wanted to be The Man on YouTube.

Judging from the response today on the various websites and blogs today, you are The Man.   A very small, pathetic one.

Shame on you.