Jim Lynch’s just begging for a Moshe visit

Need proof?  OK, check out this totally deranged tirade. I know one guy who won’t get a review model of upcoming products.  As if.

“Can’t these people get a life and stop worshipping at the altar of Steve Jobs? For once, can’t they escape his reality distortion field? You’d think that after being financially violated by Jobs and company—over and over again—some of them would actually get a clue and stop wasting their money on his overpriced and unnecessary products.

But no, these dummies seem to believe he’s a deity—this guy can do no wrong in their eyes! Somebody needs to do an intervention with some of Jobs’ acolytes to make them realize that they should stop worshipping him. I doubt it will happen, but it’s long overdue. Anyone know a good cult deprogramming organization? Maybe we can get these people a cheap group session rate. But I don’t know if there’s enough Prozac in the world to deal with them.

The cult of personality surrounding Steve Jobs is worse than the one surrounding Chia Dictator (Kim Jong Il) in North Korea. The difference is that he has to use the threat of nuclear weapons and a huge army to get people to do what he wants. Jobs just waves some shiny objects to hypnotize the masses and they fall for it every time.”