How the iPad has begun killing off Adobe once and for all

Nice Gizmodo article on the best ways to watch video on your iPad. But take note of this paragraph here:

Vimeo is set to work on the iPad thanks to its conversion to HTML5. Flickr, too. CBS is also currently testing its streaming content in HTML5. And hey, Gizmodo’s (and all Gawker sites’) own video player is now HTML5-friendly, so those videos will play on the iPad as well. With other sites such as the NY Times, CNN and TED switching to an HTML5 video player, there should be plenty of options for you to view web-based videos inside of Safari.

You see that? People are happily dumping Flash for HTML5.  You wanna’ play video in Apple’s walled garden, you gotta’ drop the Flash code and pronto. By the end of the financial quarter in 2012, Adobe will be barely hanging on, ‘cos, ya’ think after people dump Flash, they’re gonna’ wanna use Adobe brand of buggy and slow loading PDF? That’s next on the iPad hit list, you know. And when Apple takes aim at Photoshop …