Goodbye, Texas Stadium

another Texas icon soon bites the dust ... what next, The Alamo?

Hey, I'm coaching football, here!

There must be something in the water here ‘cos one thing people in Dallas love to do is tear down some its most iconic and beloved structures for “real estate development”. Sunday morning April 11th will mark the demise of one Texas’s, nay this great country’s, most venerable institutions, Texas Stadium. Besides being former home of America’s team, Texas Stadium hosted some of the most bodacious concert events in its long history, some awesome moments include Eddie Van Halen blistering another guitar on stage with Michael Jackson wailing and dancing during the Victory Tour, the 1992 Farm Aid concert featuring Little Village, Bonnie Raiit, The Texas Tornadoes and The Highwaymen, James Brown held a concert there in eighties when only 5,000 fans attended (including yours truly), The Godfather of Soul didn’t cancel the show, he bought the unsold seats and had every one boogie on down to the field and we danced our asses off for hours. Then The Feds grabbed all his ticket receipts for unpaid taxes.  Hey, and speaking of the Godfather, Al Pacino walked that stadium liked he owned it in Any Given Sunday. The ol’ boy gives his final recollections here.

For you, Brinke.