Gizmodo suddenly not in a hurry to break a scoop

Obviously I knew about this when I posted yesterday, but I was waiting to see how long it would take Gizmodo to come clean.

News flash: Cops with a warrant searched the home of reporter-slash-receiver-of-stolen-property Jason Chen and took six computers — three days ago, on Friday night. Gizmodo just gets around to reporting it now. Strange, no?

Gawker’s COO says the warrant was not valid because in California you can’t bust into the house of a reporter and take his stuff. Well, excuse me, but as far as I can tell, that just happened. And do you know why it happened? Because this is my state, Gawker. I make the rules.

Penal code? Please. Cite your little laws all you want. Write memos to the cops. I own the cops. They work for me. So do the judges and the prosecutors.

In case you’re wondering how far we’re going to push this, let me put it this way: Katie asks me to ask you if anyone knows Jason Chen’s waist size, because she wants to buy him a skirt.

Yeah. It’s like that.

Welcome to the jungle, Gawker guys. You merry pranksters got crazy with the wrong dude when you tangled with me. Oh, you had a good laugh. You had a big “scoop.” You thought were all badass, didn’t you?

Well, now it’s my turn. And I will not rest until your entire “empire” is ground to dust under the heel of my running shoe.

To put it another way:

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