Coming to a Target and Best Buy near you

The Kindle

The Nook

The Kindle and The Nook are going to be retailing at Target and Best Buy respectively in the coming weeks. I’m going to give the winner of this battle to Bezos. He’s got The Kindle store, The Kindle App for PC , Mac, Blackberry, iPhone/iTouch even on the iPad, I’m shocked, aren’t you?, and Target is like friendlier and not geeky, like Best Buy. People buy books at Target, trashy books, cookbooks, Oprah books, best seller books. Why not thrown in a Kindle? It’s one those devices that are gonna just work (for now). Best Buy is like going to a K-Mart Radio Shack. You have to know they’re selling it there, know what the fuck it is and ask somebody to show you it, if you can find somebody, and resist like the dickens when they to impress on you to buy that Geek Squad extended warranty that don’t mean anything except that’s $40-$60 bucks you’ll never see again. The Kindle is already pre-sold, ubiquitous, at least in the minds of customers, makes an easy add on sale, especially at check-out counter near the electronics and at books and periodical section.