A great new source for iPad news

Dear friend Brinke, from Rabid Fanboy, has launched the iPad Report on Blogger. I highly recommend it, despite the fact that he’s been writing about this thing where Gizmodo took possession of stolen property, even though we told him not to. Take note of which loyalists haven’t said a word about it and are pretending it just didn’t happen. Better still are the ones (eg Gruber and Ihnatko) who are condemning Gizmodo for their criminal behavior and suggesting that the bloggers might even have stolen the device themselves, or arranged for the theft. I mean does anyone really believe that some Apple engineer was stupid enough to leave a prototype iPhone in a bar? And that this kid’s name is Gray Powell? And that we’ve acknowledged that the prototype is real, and demanded that Gizmodo return it?

The whole thing is so cocked-up and obviously fake that it’s not even funny.

To all of you out there hammering away on Gizmodo for publishing this information: Blessed are you, for in the future you will inherit advance review units and perhaps even be allowed to speak to our executives. Namaste.