Sayonara, Comic Book Guys, Everywhere?

First, everyone has to be applauded for not going nuts or crazy on the lines throughout the country. At worst, it’s happy, noisy manic, but no shoving, pushing or gun toting , even here in Texas.

Second, one lousy photo of Woz at Santa Clara store and Brinke got it from somebody else. What are all you Rabid Fanboy readers, shut-ins? Not one Santa Clara or any West Coast reader couldn’t get some Woz video? If I don’t see any entries at by 11:59pm Sunday night …ah, you’re not worth the trouble, I’m setting the puppy free …

I've been betrayed by both the providers of my livelihood and my gullible user base.

Three, my comic book store friends are shitting major bricks and they ain’t unlocked iPhones, let me tell you. It seems Marvel’s new comic store app is frightening the comic book store owners in ways Marvel’s other online ventures did not. They’re freaking out! They may have to close shop and get real jobs. They are not happy. Not happy at all. If Steve Jobs can figure out how to make movies and TV shows without actors, writers and directors, he may not only revolutionize another another industry but piss off more people that I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about.